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[movies][Liberace Thanksgiving]
Liberace winks at the camera, reminisces about the past, and sends a turkey to its doom, performing 'Turkey In The Straw' and 'Shine On Harvest Moon.'
Keywords: Liberace; piano
Downloads: 60
[movies]Magicians Of India - Castle Films
'Magicians of India' (1940?) 10m, uncredited director. This gem combines the best in colonialist attitudes with some truly amazing magic from the fakirs shot in real-time with no edits (we can't figure how they do it either).
Keywords: magicians; India; fakirs; street performers
Downloads: 122
[movies]The Seaport - Larry Yust
Describes the procedure by which a seaport receives cargo for distribution. Shows conveyor systems, pumps, and electromagnets used in handling goods; and explains the work of seamen, longshoremen, and customs officers. Shows the port of San Francisco and the SS President Cleveland. Shows old SF Muni streetcars stacked and ready for scrap, four longshoreman standing around doing nothing while another unloads bananas...
Keywords: seaport; San Francisco; longshoremen's union; port; shipping
Downloads: 98
[movies]Franck-Hertz Experiment - EDC (Education Development Center)
Professor Byron L Youtz uses a stream of electrons accelerated through mercury vapor to show that the kinetic energy of the electrons is transferred to the mercury atoms only in discrete packets of energy. Establishes the association of the quantum of energy with a line in the spectrum of mercury. Points out that the Frank-Hertz experiment was one of the earliest indications of the existence of internal energy states within the atom...
Keywords: physics; PSSC; experiments; electrons
Downloads: 114
[movies]Leenya : Daughter of the Noble Blacks of Surinam - Alvin J. Gordon
Looks at the life of Leenya, a young Bush Negro of Surinam. Leenya uses the term "Bush Negro" to describe her people. Generally, women are topless, while men wear polo shirts. Shows peeling and detoxifying casaba and making it into flour and bread. Also features wood carving and a school boat. The film crew consisted of Alvin & Betty Gordon, and Austin & Rose Green
Keywords: Surinam; South America
Downloads: 119
[movies]Wondering About Things - Lawrence Hall of Science
Laymen as well as celebrities in the sciences and creative arts give their views and values regarding their creative efforts and technological society. Their answers add up to the view that science is an indispensable part of mankind's hope for the future. Interviewees include Haskell Wexler, Joan Baez, Ann Halprin, Benny Bufano, Art Hoppe, Zubin Mehta, Phil Ochs, George Pimentel, Ben Maddow. Interviews are mixed with video collages...
Keywords: science
Downloads: 268
[movies]Village Potters Of Onda - Edith Sperry
'Village Potters of Onda' (1966) 27m, dir. Edith Sperry. Shows the activities and ways of life of Japanese folk potters in Onda, a romote village in the mountains of North Central Kyushu, Japan. Presents a detailed account of traditional pottery - making techniques which have remained relatively unchanged for more than250 years. 9 families in village make pottery, including Sakamoto, Yunase (sp?), Kokakuro (sp?)...
Keywords: pottery; Japan; craft
Downloads: 302 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Edvard Munch: Graphics, Watercolors, Drawings, and Sculpture - Clifford B West
Born in 1863, the Norwegian artist watched his mother and sister succumb to tuberculosis by the time he was fourteen, leaving him with a deep foreboding of death, which colored his early canvases and works on paper. Munch was also haunted by the spectre of beautiful women, who he portrayed as vampires or dominant sexual forces, and characterized his perspective on new artistic technology by stating: "The camera cannot compete with the brush and the palette so long as it cannot be used in heaven ...
Keywords: Edvard Munch; painter
Downloads: 229
[movies]Edvard Munch: Paintings - Clifford B West
This film examines the life and works of Norwegian-born artists Edvard Munch, accompanied by excerpts from his letters and writings, and illustrates important stages of his development with key works. For more information on filmmaker Clifford B. West, visit http://www.afana.org/westbio.htm
Keywords: Edvard Munch; painting
Downloads: 214
[movies]Bill of Rights in Action: The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination. - Bernard Wilets
Here, director Bernard Wilets crafts a legal argument set in a futuristic setting, in which a "Truth Machine" extracts past actions by reading minds. The film explains that the Fifth amendment protects the accused against coerced confessions, but questions what happens to this and other guarantees of the Constitution under the impact of advanced technologies. These are the questions argued by lawyers in this dramatic film with a purposely undecided ending...
Downloads: 202
[movies]The Bill of rights in Action: The Right to Privacy. - Bernard Wilets
An open-ended film designed to instigate discussion on what constitutes an unreasonable invasion of privacy, focusing on the Fourth Amendment, Search and Seizure. Presents a case in which an electronic surveillance by the police at a bookmaking operation results in the issuance of a search warrant, arrests, and a pretrial hearing. For more on director Bernard Wilets, visit http://www.afana.org/wilets.htm
Downloads: 178
[movies]Bill of Rights in Action: Juvenile Law - Bernard Wilets
Follows two brothers, ages fifteen and eighteen, after their arrest, pointing up differences between adult criminal procedures and juvenile law. Asks whether it would be better if juveniles were treated as adults, subject to criminal sanctions but granted constitutional rights. Raises questions about the paternalistic character of juvenile justice and the constitutional issues involved in reform of the juvenile justice system...
Downloads: 166
[movies]Bill of Rights in Action: Equal Opportunity (revised) - Bernard Wilets, BFA
An open-end film to stimulate discussion of the equal rights issue. Uses an incident in which a black factory worker is promoted over a white employee with seniority as a basis for reviewing the constitutional issues involved in establishing policies of equal employment opportunities. Actors include Andrea Sheridan Ordin (elected President of Los Angeles Police Commission in 2012), and Phil Richards, a parking lot attendant who also appeared in Wilets' film on Machiavelli...
Downloads: 2,001
[movies]Bill of Rights in Action: Due Process of Law - Bernard Wilets
An open-ended film in which lawyers present their arguments concerning the due process of law clause of the fifth amendment during a hearing to reinstate a student who has been summarily suspended after an act of violence at a campus demonstration. Explains that the due process of law is, by its very nature, time consuming, whereas the need to avoid violence and anarchy is often immediate. Questions if there are times when due process should give way to summary punishment in violation of the Fif...
Downloads: 125
[movies]Bill of Rights In Action: De Facto Segregation - Bernard Wilets
An open-ended film designed to stimulate discussion about integration of a school system. Shows the cleavages that develop in a community over a school busing plan. Explains that these differences of opinion have to do with cost and the integrity of the neighborhood school as well as with integration. At the school board meeting two whites argue pro & con of busing, two blacks do the same. For more on director Bernard Wilets, visit http://www.afana.org/wilets.htm
Keywords: busing
Downloads: 107
[movies]Artists of the Sun - Yvonne Anderson
Artists of the Sun (2007) 15m. The Sun Gallery in Provincetown hosted new shows every Monday. This film shows some of the artists that were "regulars," filmed both at Sun as well as in New York. In the fall of 1958, Yvonne and Domenic started the Provincetown Film Study Group, using a Bolex 16mm camera to document their friends, gallery, and living environment. Artists portrayed in this film include Dominic Falcone, Red Grooms, Lester Johnson, Alex Katz, Tony Vevers, and Joan Wye...
Keywords: art gallery; Provincetown
Downloads: 187
[movies]The Sun Gallery Provincetown 1955-1959 - Yvonne Anderson
The Sun Gallery Provincetown 1955-1959 (2007) 10m. Andersen and Falcone founded the Sun Gallery in the spring of 1955 in a storefront located at 393 Commercial Street, Provincetown. It was open to everyone, but specialized in finding new young talent. It soon became a local hangout for poets, actors, and artists, one of whom was a very young Red Grooms. The film documents the artistic idealism and joie de vivre of Provincetown in the mid-to-late 1950s...
Downloads: 161
[movies]Provincetown: 1953 The First Summer - Yvonne Anderson
Provincetown: 1953 The First Summer (2007) 6m. This extraordinary home movie is essentially a time capsule of Provincetown, Massachusetts, as it was in the summer of 1953, consisting of old stills and silent black and white film. In 1953, Yvonne Andersen and Betty King, art students at LSU, went to Provincetown for the summer to study with painter Hans Hofmann. Living there at the same time, aspiring writer Dominic Falcone...
Downloads: 845 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Let's Make a Film - Yvonne Anderson
Let's Make a Film (1971) 13m. Explores the activities of the Yellow Ball Workshop, Newton, Massachusetts, which involves young people from the ages of eight through eighteen who create their own films. Individual students demonstrate and discuss the steps involved in preparing their films and show the finished product. Three films being shown made in this film, 'The Enlightenment,' 'Eden,' and 'Just a Fishment of My Imagination,' are included in Andersen's 'Plum Pudding.' For more on Yvonne Ande...
Keywords: student-made film
Downloads: 188
[movies]Michelangelo - John Barnes
(EB 1965 W/D/P/CO-C with Joseph Ambor, edited by Charles Hasse, made in Italy; ) Director John Barnes presents the story of Michelangelo: the pressures of the art-centered world of his time that used his talents in painting, architecture, and engineering in spite of his desire to be only a sculptor. The film discusses examples of his success in stone through such works as Bacchus, David, Victory, Moses, the Pieta, and the Dying Captive, as well as his frescoes in the Sistine Chapel...
Keywords: art; Renaissance; sculpture
Downloads: 268
[movies]Place of Belonging - Johanna Alemann
Creates an awareness of the different forms of beauty found in cities. Explains that art, not luxury, is necessary and that nature enriches cities. Shots of San Francisco, Rome, and the Gold Rush town of Columbia, California. The film extols the modern outdoor shopping mall, enhanced by public art and parks, as an important aspect of civic architecture and design. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: shopping mall
Downloads: 188
[movies]Recognition of Man: The Renaissance - Johanna Alemann
Shows that the main Renaissance contribution to Western culture was the recognition of the individual in life and art. Explains that one of the most significant creations of the Renaissance was portraiture, a new category of art which reveals man's developing awareness of his active destiny in life. Surveys portraiture from the 13th through 16th centuries, including Flemish, Italian, and German painters such as Titian, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Durer...
Downloads: 167
[movies]Portable Phonograph, The - John Barnes
An adaptation of the short story of the same title by Walter Van Tilburg Clark, in which four men who have survived a catastrophic war share memories of their past lives and a civilization which no longer exists. Here, a vintage recording of Debussy's Nocturne played by Walter Gieseking becomes the vehicle by which four lovers of the humanities hover together in a cold post-apocalyptic shack of sandbags to mourn weekly over lost art and loves gone by...
Keywords: apocalypse
Downloads: 1,376
[movies]Story into film : Clark's ThePortable Phonograph - John Barnes
On camera, director John Barnes demonstrates how Walter Van Tilburg Clark's short story 'The Portable Phonograph' was adapted to make a motion picture. Barnes alternates between reading passages from the story and showing film interpretations of the same scene, describing the differences between the actual story and the screenplay. For more on John Barnes, visit http://www.afana.org/barnesbio.htm
Keywords: screenplay
Downloads: 231
[movies]Protein Synthesis: an Epic on the Cellular Level - Kent Wilson
Directed by Gabriel Weiss. One of the strangest, fun, and perhaps most unforgettable films in the science genre was this, produced by University of California at San Diego chemistry professor Kent Wilson, and choreographed by Weiss’ future wife and 1969 America’s Junior Miss, Jackie Benington. After a short description of the interaction between “stars” 30s Ribosome, mRNA, and Initiator Factor One by Stanford’s Nobel Prize-winning Paul Berg, the camera moves to an open field at Stanfor...
Keywords: protein; DNA; RNA
Downloads: 507
[movies]Our Changing Skylines: Mirror of the World - Alemann Films
Shows the transition in America from traditional designs in architecture and art to a unique, modern style. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: architecture
Downloads: 154
[movies]Europe in Transition: The Late Middle Ages - Johanna Alemann
Describes the foundations of European culture and society in the Middle Ages, from 1200 to 1500 ACE. Discusses the church, nobility, and the emperors, three pillars of early medieval society. Describes changes that reshaped Europe and resulted in the present Western civilization, including the advent of small towns along trade routes, the Magna Carta, the development of the middle class, and the formation of hospitals and universities...
Downloads: 329
[movies]Democracy of Ancient Greece: The Age of Excellence - Johanna Alemann
Discusses the social, political and cultural aspects of Greece's golden age and analyzes the philosophy on which the society was based. Stunning cinematography by Gunther Von Fritsch, including Acropolis, Agora, Delfi, Corinth. Shows American artist Ralph Hulett at work at Greek historical sites. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Downloads: 257
[movies]Art Portrays a Changing World: Gothic to Early Renaissance - Johanna Alemann
Describes the historical transformation of medieval man to modern man. Points out that Gothic art expressed the community spirit of the Middle Ages. Contrasts Gothic to Renaissance art which reflects man's awakening interest in science, nature and himself. Discusses architecture, sculptures, stained glass windows, and painted altarpieces in the cathedrals, and describes the evolution of painting. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Downloads: 178
[movies]Twentieth Century Art: A Break with Tradition - Johanna Alemann
Discusses how modern artists defied tradition in their search for new dimensions of expression. Shows how artists use novel styles and techniques to interpret the ever-changing face of twentieth century life. Discusses Fauvism, German Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Italian Futurism. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Downloads: 159
[movies]What Happened to My Backyard Shouldn't Happen to a Dog - Johanna Alemann
Alemann filmed the construction of a swimming pool at her home in Los Angeles at 1021 San Pascual Avenue, showing her backyard being drastically changed. The construction of a swimming pool is documented, from the reconstruction of her back yard to the sequential construction process. Out of the footage, she created a marvelous film about swimming pools, featuring neighborhood children and her dog Pucci...
Keywords: swimming pool; California ranch house; suburb
Downloads: 119
[movies]The Living City - John Barnes; Encyclopedia Britannica
Nominated for an Academy Award, this film by John Barnes surveys the need for redevelopment of American cities and the forces which have created problems in urban areas; describes obstacles which deter the elimination of blighted areas and tenements and the relief of traffic congestion. The film includes scenes of St. Louis in 1890, and of present-day housing and building programs in Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh...
Keywords: urban redevelopment
Downloads: 286
[movies]Little Tree That Had a Dream, The - Johanna Alemann
A pastiche of spectacular nature shots accompanied by an orchestral score, with the minimal theme of a Joshua tree that dreamed of the far-away places he wanted to see. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: joshua tree; desert flora
Downloads: 170
[movies]Age of Steam, The: Power for Progress - Johanna Alemann
Describes man's lack of technical progress until the Industrial Revolution, when the discovery of steam as a source of power brought rapid advances. Depicts the nineteenth century and the vast changes in living conditions caused by the utilization of steam. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: train; locomotive; railroad; railway
Downloads: 306
[movies]Age of the Rococo, The: From Divine Right to Equality - Johanna Alemann
Shows the relationship of the elaborate and ornate art of the Rococo Period to social thinking of the time. Discusses transition from the Louis XIV baroque era to the Rococo. Interiors and exteriors of buildings (German and Austrian churches), furniture, porcelain, and painting (Watteau). Describes how the gaiety of the era would soon be eclipsed by the age of revolutions. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: art; painting; furniture; interior decorating
Downloads: 175
[movies]Nature as Reality - Johanna Alemann
Illustrates the realistic concept of viewing and painting nature. Discusses how Durer, Breughel, Rubens, Constable, and Corot painted landscapes. Describes line, geometric shapes, and perspective. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: landscape painting; art
Downloads: 250
[movies]Marxism : the Theory That Split the World - George Kaczender
Explores the theories of Karl Marx and how they evolved as the major ideology of one third of the world. The production examines the roots of Marxism and carefully discloses the contradiction between Marx's hopes and today's reality. For more on director George Kaczender, visit http://www.afana.org/kaczender.htm
Downloads: 166
[movies]Look to the Land - John Barnes; Encyclopedia Britannica
Presents man's use and misuse of land throughout the country. Includes conservation measures now in operation and suggests further steps. For more on director John Barnes, visit http://www.afana.org/barnesbio.htm
Keywords: environment; ecology
Downloads: 296
[movies]From the Desert to the Sea - Johanna Alemann
Contrasts man's thoughtless abuse of his environment with the unspoiled beauties of nature. Alemann's painterly camera captures impressionistic views of Yosemite's waterfalls, forest wildlife, mountain trees and flowers, and Monterey cypresses. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: environmet; ecology; Yosemite; Monterey cypress
Downloads: 202
[movies]Conrad Schwiering - Ken Meyer
For almost 35 years, Conrad Schwiering has painted the Teton Range with a reverential, almost religious, devotion to the grandeur of his surroundings. For Schwiering, it is the mountains themselves and the rugged individuals who live at their feet that make his canvases spring to life.
Keywords: Grand Tetons; Wyoming
Downloads: 83
[movies]Color in Nature - Johanna Alemann
Outstanding color cinematography by Guy Haselton shows nature in all seasons and in color patterns, textures, and designs of rare effectiveness. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Downloads: 326
[movies]Color in Art: Rules of Harmony - Johanna Alemann
Discusses the color wheel as a guideline for color relationships, focusing on mixing colors, analogous and monochromatic hues, and color value and intensity.For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Downloads: 127
[movies]Berlin: Outpost of Freedom. - Johanna Alemann
A documentary which tells the story of divided Berlin where two ideologies clash together on one soil. Explains why and how the city was divided into separate zones; describes the rebuilding of Berlin. Contrasts East and West Berlin. Points out how the people of West Berlin manage to go about a normal routine of living. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: East Berlin; West Berlin; East Germany; West Germany; Berlin wall
Downloads: 264
[movies]Baltimore Plan, The - John Barnes; Encyclopedia Britannica
Documents a plan in which municipal agencies and citizen groups cooperated in a neighborhood renewal plan in Baltimore, Maryland,to raise housing standards. For more on director John Barnes, visit http://www.afana.org/barnesbio.htm
Keywords: urban renewal
Downloads: 120
[movies]A Vanishing Heritage - Johanna Alemann
Reveals the many-sided heritage of American architecture. Explains that traditions in architecture were brought to the United States by people of many different nationalities, and that they were blended with historical styles reaching back in time to ancient Greece and Rome to produce a culture uniquely American. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: architecture
Downloads: 102
[movies]Modern Identity, A - Johanna Alemann
Focuses on the new creativity of American architecture. Explains that in past centuries city architecture in the United States revealed worldwide influences and the diverse cultures of the past. Shows that American architecture eventually broke with tradition and that the wide variety of imaginative designs which are being created have a modern identity and are of national origin. For more on director Johanna Alemann, visit http://www.afana.org/alemann.htm
Keywords: architecture
Downloads: 88
[movies]Our Class Makes a Film: We Travel with Marco Polo - Willis Simms
This film follows each step in the production of a 16mm film on the travels of Marco Polo made by seventh graders, and shows the motion picture the students made. Willis Simms’ 7th Grade Art Class at Hughes Jr. High School in Woodland Hills, California, is shown crafting papier-mâché figures and painted backdrops for a film that was made over two semesters. Music by Robert Clark, narration by daughter Ellen Simms and neighbor Kenneth Jones...
Keywords: student made film
Downloads: 192
[movies]Progress? - Willis Simms
This film was created by Willis Simms' animation students at Hughes Jr. High School in Woodland Hills, California. For more on Simms, visit http://www.afana.org/simmswillis.htm
Keywords: ecology'student-made film
Downloads: 156
[movies]Romp, The - Wills Simms
A wild film made by Simms’ Animated Art class at Hughes Jr. High in Woodland Hills, California, focusing on galloping, flying, and growling animals, and features a fascinating abstract art sequence, with music by the Hughes Jr. High Stage Band, conducted by Elliot Myro. A second Simms film, 'Progress?'follows 'The Romp. For more on Simms, visit http://www.afana.org/simmswillis.htm
Keywords: student-made film
Downloads: 125
[movies]Romp, The, - Willis Simms
A wild film made by Simms’ Animated Art class at Hughes Jr. High in Woodland Hills, California, focusing on galloping, flying, and growling animals, and features a fascinating abstract art sequence, with music by the Hughes Jr. High Stage Band, conducted by Elliot Myro. A second Simms film, 'Progress?'follows 'The Romp. For more on Simms, visit http://www.afana.org/simmswillis.htm
Downloads: 116
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